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Most parties will allow a plus-one. One idea is to invite someone from one’s sober support network. Another idea is to find a trusted sober person at the party, such as a designated driver, and ask that person to help out in a bodyguard sort of way. There are many people out there who are more than pleased to help out in this way, and they just need to be asked. Another find more info option is to work out a plan with someone outside of the party who you will call or text at designated times to check in. Being accountable to someone can help to avoid a summer relapse. [6] Therapy approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) are used in many drug treatment programs specifically because they strategize around summer relapse scenarios. During CBT, DBT, or other psycho-behavioral therapy sessions, therapists work with clients to develop skills and tools to utilize when in such a scenario. A good practice is to call on any such skills, including being mindful of one’s impulse to drink or do drugs as a way of slowing down any automatic reaction to alcohol or other drugs in the environment. A recovering person will invariably come across people who politely ask, “Do you mind if I have a drink?” Although social etiquette directs a person to say he does not mind if others drink, the recovering person may feel resentful that he cannot party with alcohol or other drugs. Such resentment can be a red flag that a relapse trigger is building. At this point, one can make a call or text a sober sponsor, sober buddy, or other trusted person. Another option is to leave the party and head to a live recovery meeting or an online one. For recovering persons who own a smartphone, it is good practice to download a recovery app that can give you information on a local meeting in a last-minute case like this. [7] Part of the decision to attend a party or gathering should include a strategy to leave in the event that alcohol or other drug use cues are triggered. It is important to hold onto your car keys or have sufficient taxi fare. [8] Another option is to make a plan in advance to have someone on call who could pick you up immediately. In the face of temptation, the best recommendation is to leave the party right away.

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which alcohol is good for cold